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About Andrea MANELLI®️

Her main inspiration is the search of the human soul, as well as its fulfillment in Earthly existence. Her admiration of jewelry has played a decisive role in her life since she was born. She has been playing the piano and dancing since the age of 5. Her grandfather showed her how to create a shape from a wire and bent the first ring for her. It then became clear to her that the material can be shaped, which filled her with admiration, and since then she has been creating jewelry from various materials. Since the age of 16 she has been committedly interested in the spiritual world, and she reads a lot. At the age of 18 she enrolled to a college in this field, which she successfully completed. As she entered adulthood, she opened up to the business world, in order to create a home and material goods, and during her work, she travelled the world. She was inspired to make jewelries by getting to know different cultures, as she did not let creation be left out of her life. At the age of 30 she gives birth to her son, Ábel. During her pregnancy, and the first few years of being a mom she lives a more withdrawn, introverted period of her life, during which she acquires a high level of knowledge in the crpyto world, which brings an extremely positive monetary turn in her life. During the pandemic she acquires a jewelry making artist qualification. During her trip to Thailand in 2022, she was completely captivated by Asian culture, changed her point of view and decided to devote her time to contemporary jewelry art. She collects raw materials during her travels, which mainly ensure the creation of high-quality creations made of natural pearls, semi-precious stones, gold and silver. Each piece is handmade and has a unique, numbered certification. For her, jewelry making is an inspired, spiritual process with creative energy, so her art is defined by meditation, the energy inherent in crystals, and numerology. With her jewelry, she wants to make the world more beautiful and its wearer happier.


Jewelries are 100% handmade by the Artist.

All of Andrea Manelli®️ jewelry has special serial number and certificate of authenticity!

  • Jewelries are made by natural pearls!

    Pearls has different sizes and colors!

  • Actual stock!


  • Used materials

    Natural pearls - Diamond - Gold - Silver - Gem stones

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